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January - February - March 2001

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Koolhaas's Blind Spot
March 30, 2001
Even his biggest enemies can deny it no longer: Rem Koolhaas is the most influential architect of recent years. Everything he shows during his many lectures, everything he writes, and everything his OMA office builds is still read and watched - certainly in Holland and certainly by younger generations of architects - with close attention.

Peter Greenaway and architecture
March 19, 2001
Englishman Peter Greenaway is currently working for the Via>Dorkwerd festival: for the Groninger Museum he is designing the exhibition Hell and Heaven: the Middle Ages in the North, he has designed an exhibition pavilion, a number of so-called proscenium arches, and he is responsible for the pavilion's interior layout. ArchiNed spoke to Greenaway about his relationship with architecture.

Are they or aren't they? A response
March 19, 2001
Canadian student Mark Zaitsoff wrote a response to the article Are they ore aren't they. In it he warns for to much optimism

Are they or aren't they?
March 07, 2001
Last February, there was a public discussion at the NAI (Netherlands Architecture Institute) on the subject of the individual commissioning of dwellings, with as title 'Shaping the Netherlands: Architectural Policy 2001-2004'. After a whole evening spent discussing the new policy proposal to allow 30% of new housing production to be undertaken on the initiative of private individuals, Member of Parliament Adri Duivesteijn concluded: "The builders are against it, the developers are against it, and the local authorities are against it. Three good reasons to continue."

Mutations: World = City
February 21, 2001
More than half the world's population currently lives in cities. Or rather, in what we call cites. In breakneck tempo urban mass is being produced in Asia, a form of urbanism that largely escapes architectural analysis, while in a completely contrary movement the European City seems to be losing control by not growing but by totally transforming from within. The exhibition Mutations shows fragments of la ville contemporaine.

Winka Dubbeldam's Greenwich Street Project
February 14, 2001
Dutch architect Winka Dubbeldam has been living and working in New York since the early 1990's. Recently she designed an eleven-floor residential and office building on Greenwich Street in New York's Soho district, a project described by The New York Times as a jewel.

UN Studio in America (update)
February 12, 2001
UN Studio (Ben van Berkel & Carolien Bos) has been asked to design the extension of the Wadsworth Atheneum Museum in Hartford (V.S.) .

Aaron Betsky New Director NAi
February 01, 2001
Rumors went around for some months, but yesterday it was made public: Aaron Betsky will be the new director of the Netherlands Architecture institute (NAi). He will start working in June this year.

John Hejduk's Wall House finally to be built
January 31, 2001
The Wall House by architect John Hejduk, who died last year, the construction of which had continually been put off for so long, will now finally be built. Construction company Wilma Bouw hopes to complete construction of the house in September this year.

Rotterdam Cultural Capital
January 10, 2001
Eurodak, an event for the homeless held on January 1, marked Rotterdam's start to 2001, the year the city is Cultural Capital of Europe together with Porto. The organisers of Rotterdam 2001 Cultural Capital have presented a hefty volume containing the programme for the coming year.

Guus Kemme, promoter of architecture
January 8, 2001
The Amsterdam bookstore Architectura & Natura will have to manage without its charismatic owner. Guus Kemme died on December 29 aged 42.