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Villa E 1027 one year later
September 1999

In the summer of 1998 Herman and Hans Hertzberger visited Eileen Gray's Villa E 1027 in Roqyebrune in the South of France. A cry for distress and an email-protest page were partly triggered by the rundown state of the villa. Curious to see how the situation is one year later, one of ArchiNed's co-workers risked his neck this summer during his climb over cliffs to be able to return with some current photos.

entrance side

It was sizzling hot and the villa was completely screened off on the landside by architecture-tourist proof fences and high hedges. An invasion from the seaside appeared difficult but possible. It was however terrifying , once we reached the villa, when we saw an ominous dog kennel under the villa. Luckily it was also too hot for the dogs, we at least didn't see Bello.


The villa itself looked remarkably well, we expected worse. The broken windows were taped shut with paper, the steal window frames have to be replaced here and there and the concrete work fixed, but Villa Savoye by Le Corbusier looked much worse twenty years ago. Restoration must - if the will is there- be possible. The wall paintings by Le Corbusier are partially painted away, but some still look fresh and restorable

wall-drawing Le Corbusier under the house

The most dramatic is the state of the fixed furniture, for as much as these were still present in the villa. Since these form an integral part of the villa, they must be reconstructed. That will be difficult, but where there is a will, there is a way. Now that we have seen the remains of this brilliant house with our own eyes, we are more than convinced than ever that a way must be found.

remains of the fixed furniture

At this time it is completely unclear to us whether that will to reconstruct is present. As long as a decision still isn't made, the chance remains for restoration. It is therefore still worthwhile to go to vent your thoughts about this on the protest page.

the solarium
view from the terrace on the first floor

visit the special E1027 pages and sign the protest book

ArchiNed excursion team
translation: Stacey Murphy